Australian Mookaite Jasper Talisman Indigenous inspired

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  • Handmade item
  • Necklace length: 80 Centimetres
  • Pendant height: 40 mm
  • Pendant width: 20 mm
  • Material: Silver, Stone
  • Can be personalised: No
  • Closure: Slide clasp
  • Style: Boho & hippie
  • Chain style: Rope
  • Number of strands: 5 or more
  • Adjustable length: Yes
  • Raw stone: No
  • Gift message available
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Mookaite Jasper is Mother Earth stone.. A Stone of Dreaming and Spirit Connection…HANDMADE solid work. ONEOFAKIND and Handcrafted Tribal Ancient Knots NECKLACE.FREE STANDARD SHIPPING
Mookaite Jasper, W.A.
First Nation Collection
🌱VEGAN..ONE OF A KIND🌱no animal killed or no trees is cut…

Stone used have been sourced from Western Australia on the former Mooka Station, which is located about 170 km east of Carnarvon and about 850 km north of Perth. , direct from fossickers who have hand dug the crystals out of the earth themselves. We experience the Australian land is sacred and its rocks have lots of knowledge to share with us, being heart and home to FIRST NATION which the oldest living culture on the earth plane.. It was imperative to us that these stones be sourced with love and respect, ethically and sustainably. We respect our elders and follow the natural lores for new dreaming..

From the AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS DREAM-TIME Mookaite, known to Indigenous Australian’s as the ‘Mother Earth’ stone, is teeming with the energy of the electromagnetic currents of the Earth. Infused with bold, earthy tones in browns, creams, fiery reds, maroons and yellows, Mookaite emanates an invigorating frequency of strength and vitality.

Rainbow Serpent SPIRIT

As all Jasper crystals do, Mookaite provides a calm and harmonious energy for mediation. Calling upon the inherent Mother Earth energy in Mookaite, it is an ideal stone for grounding and centring one’s own, or the collective spirit at the commencement of ritual practices.

Supporting the awakening of one’s authentic self and enabling one to find one’s sense of spirit, Mookaite reveals indisputable truths during mediation and dreams. As a stone of support for past life examination work, Mookaite clears unhealthy habits and patterns from one’s genetic code.

Accessing one’s deepest aspect of internal memory, Mookaite uncovers both genetic memory handed down through ancestral lines, alongside the emotional and behavioural patterns absorbed through experience. Purposely examining those imprints, Mookaite facilitates breaking patterns and releasing spiritual hooks from the past, in order to prevent further intergenerational transference.

This makes Mookaite an ideal stone for expectant parents willing their child to progress freely in soul and spirit. It is also said that Mookaite holds the ability to facilitate communication with one’s unborn child.

Mookaite holds joy and passion for life, and can impart the nurturing of an ageless spirit to its caretaker. Teaching one how closely the mind and body are linked, Mookaite allows one to see one’s mind, body and spirit as an interconnected system.

Mookaite imparts the knowledge that youth and vitality are a state of being, able to be harnessed and primed as one chronologically ages. When one recognises the union of mind, body and spirit, Mookaite allows the effect of the aging process to reduce and minimise its impact on one’s being.

Invoking the life giving force of nature, Mookaite imbues that force within the physical, and empowers one’s soul to seat in eternal knowingness of one’s interconnectedness to Mother Earth and all of creation.

Mookaite focuses on invoking all things balanced and pure into one’s being, utilising the Great Mother’s positive influence to awaken one’s will, and summon forth personal power. A stone of focus and grounding protection, Mookaite promotes an ageless spirit, willing and able to accept change, and seek new experiences.

Beholding the innate instinctiveness of animals, Mookaite amplifies intuition, harnessing one’s ability to detect and learn to trust those niggling ‘gut feelings’. Mookaite has a wealth of healing capabilities, but is widely known for its power to impart strength and regeneration.

Mookaite, with its colour palette of earthy tones, resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra – the seat of one’s will and personal power. It guides one to realize and unleash one’s fullest potential, making it an extremely supportive stone for those needing to activate a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence.

This incredible stone unveils the underlying causes behind procrastination, gently encouraging one to understand and resolve those emotional issues. With a strong focus upon achieving specific goals and tasks, Mookaite soothes the mind, and stills distracting thoughts that may be preventing focused clarity.

Decision making processes, especially those steeped in conflict or alternate perspectives, benefit from Mookaite energy as it favours choices and agreements made in harmony.

Soothing erratic thoughts and emotions, while installing a calmness within, Mookaite is said to aid parents or teachers in assisting children who display challenging behaviours. Allowing the caretaker to understand what contributes to the behaviours, Mookaite guides one to the exact changes needed to modify the behaviour, without the child’s conscious awareness that the problem is being resolved. This then preventing the child’s resistance to the change.

Mookaite promotes balance, progression, and a compassionate sense of kindness towards oneself and others. As a dream stone, Mookaite enhances mediation and promotes an accepting awareness of moving forward with one’s life in optimism.

Mookaite calls upon the spirit of the Earth to guide one to know which direction to take during both physical and metaphysical journeys. When used for guidance, Mookaite will direct one towards the best possible answer at the time of inquiry, and imparts the ability to use discernment in one’s decision making processes.

This exquisite stone promotes remaining open and honest in relation to new ideas and possibilities. Enhancing the flow of creative ideas and directions, Mookaite aide’s one to use one’s creativity to the maximum benefit and potential.

Offering a wealth of comfort to those who feel lonely, Mookaite is also a great companion said to increase sociability.

Each creation also includes specific vibrational remedies with higher frequency further draw on the healing qualities of crystals.

We use highend hand collected rare rocks for our creations!!!! NO SLAVE OR NO MESS MINING. Consciously created from source with love..

MATERIAL: We use best waxed cords for strength and durability. These cords are so strong and long-lasting that they can be worn everyday without discolouration. The ancient knot technics… Each piece has been woven with thousands of tiny knots.many different kind of cords used.

We follow primitive ways of creation, using our teeth, hand, whatever is around in rainforest for a symbiotic relationship. Made with love in Ngunbay, Tjabugay Indigenous Australian country (Kuranda, Far North Queensland).

Each piece is a collaborative creation. We create everything from start to finish. We live in the oldest rainforest on Earth. Original name for Kuranda is Ngunbay, which is the local word for “platypus”. Be part of the platypus dreaming. All our rocks are consciously collected, cut and polished. Fair Trade. Plant and Solar Powered. Each piece involves 7 to 10 hours, handmade from source by a two person.

Every purchase is turning into seed and going into soil. When we are not making jewellery, we are busy planting a food forest. Your purchase helps get more seeds in the ground. Support Fair Trade.
AND YES! We are happy to customise for your needs! Please send us a message on Instagram or Etsy to discuss anything you may have in mind.

If you have any questions just send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can write to us in FRENCH, SPANISH, TURKISH or ENGLISH!

Standart post no international tracking number.

Only first picture item for selling in this listing.. contact with ys for others..



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