Australian Variscite Talisman

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  • Handmade item
  • Necklace length: 80 Centimetres
  • Pendant height: 38 mm
  • Pendant width: 18 mm
  • Material: Silver, Stone
  • Style: Minimalist
  • Chain style: Rope
  • Number of strands: 5 or more
  • Adjustable length: Yes
  • Gift message available
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Shaman Australian Variscite Necklace, Elven Jewelry,Shibari Macrame cord,Celtic Necklace,Elf Cosplay,Aboriginal inspired,Thor mjolnir Lark

Really high quality stone! i have never seen anything like this 🙂 Australian Variscite.. ONEOFAKIND and Hand crafted Tribal Ancient Knots NECKLACE.FREE STANDARD SHIPPING
Variscite, Australia
First Nation Collection

Stone used have been sourced from Australia, direct from fossickers who have hand dug the stone out of the earth themselves. We experience the Australian land is sacred and its rocks have lots of knowledge to tell us, being heart and home to FIRST NATION which the oldest living culture on the earth plane with agricultural economy and seed banks!! It was imperative to us that these stones be sourced with love and respect, ethically and sustainably. We respect our elders and follow the natural lores for new dreaming..

From the AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS DREAM-TIME Brings Joyous Feelings, Peace & Harmony, Relieves Stress

Variscite is a stone with a lovely vibration that will kindle joyous feelings and bring peace and harmony to your heart.

It is excellent to aid anyone with stress or anxiety. It enhances life by generating feelings of inner peace, love and compassion.

It helps you to find solutions to problems and to have greater trust in the power of spirit.

It is beneficial for anyone who is an invalid or who is caring for someone who has been sick for a long time, especially if they are feeling despair about their illness.

It is known to help you to discover more about your past lives, particularly in connection to the reasons for your present illness.

This is very helpful to assist you to love yourself first, as only by loving yourself can you truly love another.

It resonates strongly and connects the etheric body to the physical body.

This is beneficial to relieve stress which helps this way of feeling to become a normal state of affairs in your life, and assists you to feel the courage to deal with life’s problems.

Each creation also includes specific vibrational remedies with higher frequency further draw on the healing qualities of crystals.

We use highend hand collected rare rocks for our creations!!!! NO SLAVE OR NO MESS MINING. Consciously created from source with love..

MATERIAL: We use best waxed cords for strength and durability. These cords are so strong and long-lasting that they can be worn everyday without discolouration. The ancient knot technics… Each piece has been woven with thousands of tiny knots.many different kind of cords used.

We follow primitive ways of creation, using our teeth, hand, whatever is around in rainforest for a symbiotic relationship. Made with love in Ngunbay, Tjabugay Indigenous Australian country (Kuranda, Far North Queensland).

Each piece is a collaborative creation. We create everything from start to finish. We live in the oldest rainforest on Earth. Original name for Kuranda is Ngunbay, which is the local word for “platypus”. Be part of the platypus dreaming. All our rocks are consciously collected, cut and polished. Fair Trade. Plant and Solar Powered. Each piece involves 7 to 10 hours, handmade from source by a two person.

Every purchase is turning into seed and going into soil. When we are not making jewellery, we are busy planting a food forest. Your purchase helps get more seeds in the ground. Support Fair Trade.
AND YES! We are happy to customise for your needs! Please send us a message on Instagram or Etsy to discuss anything you may have in mind.

If you have any questions just send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can write to us in FRENCH, SPANISH, TURKISH or ENGLISH!

Standart post no international tracking number.

Only first picture item for selling in this listing.. contact with ys for others..



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