Chanting of the Rainforest

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Welcome to Dreaming

We are Tamsin and Kaya – husband and wife team and co-founders of Platypus Dreaming Collective and Foundation. That’s us in the photo above, with our son, Rumi Gem (2018) and we have new member, our daughter Isha Su (2020). Platypus Dreaming was born in 2016 when we made a conscious choice to uproot from an urban jungle Sydney , Australia.. and re-wild in the most ancient rainforest on Earth FNQ. Even though we hold four bachelor degrees and master degree plus speak four languages fluently between us, we realised we had much un-learning to do… We are a thriving team, we have 9 members (including Tamsin’s two younger sisters), plus our collaboration artists…

Our talismans transform the 12:60 time frequency into the 13:20 time frequency reality, where dreaming begins.

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Our Story

Tamsin spent much of her earlier life rooted in academia, with honours degrees in both International Studies and Creative Writing – she was educated in France in her high school years, and did her university studies in Spain. Living in Spain was a transformative era of her life – she moved into a cave in the Andalusian mountains, where she learnt local techniques of weaving traditional wearable art.

She began understanding how thought and intention could be amplified using crystals – and inherited techniques to communicate with elementals and nature spirits. She started to experience crystals as living beings – and her whole life perspective shifted.

Tamsin became a Holographic Kinetics Dreamtime Healing practitioner, a crystal healer, a intuitive massage therapist, a mother and a wife. She free-birthed her two children at home, and now at 29 years of age is evolving as an Australian female spiritual entrepreneur. She sees entrepreneurship as a deeply spiritual practice because it involves radical self-awareness.

Her endeavor is to share with others how to reach states of blissfulness when entering the realm of creation. It’s in these high frequency states, that it becomes easier to manifest dreams and transform realities.

Each talisman is cleansed and aligned to the oldest living rainforest on Earth.


Our creation process

Each creation is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and individually crafted with meticulous attention to detail at our home here in Far North Queensland. Kaya cuts and polishes stones – and Tamsin weaves creations into being. In this process talismans become cleansed and activated. Once individually complete, talismans are integrated into a giant crystal grid situated on top of the quartz-filled mountain. Here they receive optimal energetic downloads from the sun, moon, rain, wind and ancient water that is plentiful and abundant. All stones are released from any previous traumas they may be carrying and witness undisturbed the full moon and new moon cycles. Once the talisman has built a symbiotic relationship with the land – it’s journey here is considered complete. At this stage, it is ready to travel onwards to the new custodian.

When you purchase from Platypus Dreaming you are receiving a highly charged talisman directly from the creators’ hands.



Platypus Dreaming plants trees for your purchase in collaboration with Australian non-profit organisation Rainforest Rescue, buy rainforest land back and protect top soil with all living being forever… Each tree is looked after for two years until it is well established and can thrive on its own with rest of soil. We support Rainforest Rescue in their mission to preserve Daintree rainforest for all generations forever…

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land in which we reside, the Buluwai people, and the Traditional Owners who have country throughout Australia and have nurtured this land since the beginning of time. We recognise the neighbouring language groups of the Djabugay (north), Yirrgay (east), Muluridji (west), Ngatjan (southwest) and Yidindji (southeast).

We acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. We pay our respects to the Elders of this sacred land, past present and emerging.

The magic of the Australian rainforest.

Are you ready to live a full life in magic and synchronicity?

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