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Latest Creations

Raw Crystal Talismans

Laser Citrine Necklace, Smoky Natural Yellow Quartz, ELVEN Jewelry, Australian made Macrame Cord Healing Crystal Jewelry,Raw Crystal Pendant


Elven Jewelry Lepidolite Pendant,Australian Made Lepidolite Necklace,Macrame cord,Celtic Necklace,Raw Healing crystal jewelry, Purple stone


Turkish Diaspore Pendant Necklace,Raw Diaspore Necklace,Elven Macrame Necklace Cord,Gemstone Jewelry,Tanzanite,Alexandrite, Australian made


Elven Tanzanite Necklace, Tanzanite Pendant, Raw Crystal Elven Jewelry, Macrame Cord Healing crystal,Australian Made, Christmas gift idea


Druzy Crystal Pendant Necklace,Zeusite Necklace,Fertility Stone,Rose Quartz Chalcedony,Desert Rose macrame crystal necklace, Healing Jewelry


Vera Cruz Amethyst Scepter Necklace,Terminate VeraCruz Amethyst Pendant, Australian made Elven Macrame Cord Raw Healing Crystal Jewelry


Aquamarine Pendant, Australian made Aquamarine Necklace,Raw Aquamarine crystal jewelry,Elven aquamarine macrame necklace,March Birthstone


OPALIZED AMMONITE Fossil Pendant,Elven shibari macrame necklace,ammonite jewelry larp celtic viking necklace


Moldavite Talismans

Elven Authentic MOLDAVITE Necklace, Geinune Moldivate Pendant, Tribal Celtic Necklace ,Australian made, Christmas Gift Idea, Elven Jewelry


Authentic Moldavite Necklace, Genuine Moldavite Pendant DOUBLE-SIDED Australian made Macrame Cord Healing Crystal Jewelry, Raw crystal


Authentic MOLDAVITE Pendant, Genuine Moldavite Necklace, Raw CRYSTAL Necklace,Larp Elf cosplay, elven jewelry, Australian made, Meteorite


MOLDAVITE Pendant,Green Moldavite Necklace, Macrame CRYSTAL Necklace,Elf cosplay, elven jewelry, Burning Man Jewelry


Genuine Moldavite Pendant, Raw Real Rough Moldavite Necklace, Authentic Poison Green Stone Jewelry, Elven Crystal healing, Australian made


MOLDAVITE talisman, Pendant, Elven Huge Museum Grade Frosty Moldavite Necklace,Authentic Moldivate Talisman,elf cosplay, larp


Drop MOLDAVITE Pendant, Poison Green, Hand Crafted Moldavite Necklace, Rare Shape Moldivate Talisman,Celtic,viking,larp,elf cosplay, elven


Rare MOLDAVITE Pendant,Authentic poison green Moldavite Necklace, Macrame CRYSTAL Necklace, Elf cosplay, elven , Burning Man Jewelry


Australian Opal Talismans

Custom-made Australian Opal Pendants

Pick your Opal then choose your cord COLOUR & THICKNESS. We handcraft for you.

Plant A Rainforest For Your Purchase ♡

Each handmade Platypus Dreaming talisman is preciously involved in powerful exposure to the Earth’s natural elements, alive with meaning, and designed to energetically align you to the oldest rainforest on Earth, in Ngunbay Djapukai & Bulwai Country, Far North Queensland, Australia, where they are created and connected to.

Ethically Sourced Crystals. No Mass Mining!
FairTrade and One-Of-A-Kind.

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“Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees”, Rumi

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